2021 Day Comp information


Registrations for 2021 season will open on 2 January 2021. Registrations will close on Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Randwick Netball Association day competition will commence on Saturday, 24 April 2021.

Registration fees for 2021

  • Senior – 18 years & over – $280.00 per player
  • Junior playing as Senior – $280.00 per player
  • Intermediate – 16-17 years – $245.00 per player
  • Junior – 11 to 15 years – $245.00 per player
  • NetSetGo – 7 to 10 years – $245.00 per player

Payment Options for 2021

My Netball allows for online payment which is the preferred option for the payment of registration fees. Netball NSW applies a small fee for online payments.

If you wish to pay your fees offline, you will not be able to register by using the links hereunder as those links are only for those members paying their fees at the time of registration.

If there is a reason that you seek to pay-off your fees or your fees will be paid by a third party (outside sponsorship) you will not be able to register by using the links hereunder as those links are only for those members paying their fees at the time of registration.  You will need to contact our Treasurer Mary McGrath (marymcg@bigpond.net.au or 043 846 4029) to discuss your situation. Subject to mutual agreement, an individual link will be provided to allow registration to proceed. Please note, you must contact our Treasurer before registrations close on 3 February 2021.

Sibling discounts are available, however, that discount cannot be applied in my netball at this point in time. If you register one or more siblings our Treasurer will provide you with a refund at Round 1 for the sibling discounts. Please contact our Treasurer Mary McGrath (email: marymcg@bigpond.net.au) if you have any questions.

Selections will be held for the following grades:

A1 and A2
Inters Division 1
Juniors – 10’s, 11’s, 12’s, 13’s, 14’s and 15’s.

Information about selections dates will be posted on our homepage and social media mid January.

It will be compulsory for all 10’s, 11’s and 12’s to attend selections on the date to be determined.

Selections for 13’s and 15’s you will only need to attend if you are seeking to play in division one.

Selections for 14’s years, you will need to attend if seeking to play in 14’s Division 1 and 2. Other divisions in the 14’s will be paper graded (this information was updated on 27-01-2021 in respect to the 14’s).

NetSetGo players – The age range of players is 7 to 9 years. Paper grading will occur in respect to NetSetGo teams aged 7 to 9 years.

If you are a returning player from the 2020 day and played in the 9 years (and have done so for 2 years), your team from last year may consider playing in the 10 years Division (lowest division within that age group) for experience only. These players would not be required to attend selections for 10’s unless they are seeking to play in that grade at a higher division.

Uniform Costs

Uniform costs are not incorporated in the registration fees. The cost of the uniform is:

  • Dress – $70.00
  • Briefs – $25.00

Uniform fittings

  • Dates for uniform fittings to will displayed on our homepage and social media.

Registrations and closing date

All registrations are open for the period 2 January to 3 February 2021. Any registrations received after this date will only be accepted if there is a place in a team. The netball club will not accept any player registration if the player has outstanding fees. Outstanding fees must be paid before any registration is accepted.

If you withdraw your registration the following will occur:

  • If you register and then you decide not to play, there is no penalty if you do that by no later than 28 February 2021.
  • If you withdraw on and from 1 March 2021 the Netball NSW membership fee must be paid, no exceptions. Click here to see what that fee is. An administration fee of $30.00 will also apply.
  • On 13 March 2021, MRSL All Stars Netball Club Inc will submit team registrations to Randwick Netball Association for the 2021 Day Comp.
  • If you withdraw on or after 13 March 2021 and RNA administrative fee will also apply plus plus RNA/Netball NSW non-refundable component.
  • No refund will be provided if the player takes the court.


The netball club will write a receipt for every payment received. Unless you otherwise advise, the receipt will remain in receipt book.

Active Kids Program

Marrickville RSL All Stars Netball Club Inc is a provider for the Active Kids Program that was introduced on 31 January 2018.

Parents, guardians and/or carers of school age children (4.5 to 18 years) are responsible for registering for their voucher via NSW Government (Service NSW) and then applying the reference number when signing up for an approved sport or activity.

Our Treasurer has requested that if you are going to use this voucher for a netball registration, please apply for it before you register on the my netball portal.

To apply for the voucher for netball, parents, guardians and/or carers must apply to Service NSW for the voucher before completing the online registration with My Netball so that the reference number can be applied on your netball registration. You will need to have the medicare card applicable to the person who the voucher is for as you need to quote that number as part of applying for the voucher.

How to register with My Netball – links will be live in my netball from 02-01-21all links are now disabled – 11/02/2021 – refer to homepage if you seek to register

All players seeking to play with All Stars are required to complete the online registration process through My Netball. All Stars will not be accepting registration outside this process.

Select which registration product (ie Senior player, junior player etc) you need according to the player’s age 31 Dec 2021). Then proceed through the registration form answering or updating ALL questions.

You can always find your My Netball ID number by entering your first name, last name and date of birth and then clicking on Find Me. Any problems or if you need a password reset please email: marymcg@bigpond.net.au

If you are a new player to netball, you can register as New Participant and create your new ID on the system.

Players from other clubs please contact us if you have trouble registering online as we may have to transfer your record first.

Senior (18+); or

Juniors players as seniors – Under 18 playing in Senior divisions; or

Intermediate (16-17 years or 14 to 15 years)  or

Junior (10-15yrs).

If you are registering for NetSetGO (7, 8, 9) – click the link then the appropriate product for your age.

09’s playing in 10‘s – If you are 9 and seeking to play in the 10’s you need to use Go Competition link.

If you seek to play in your age group ie 7’s, 8;s or 9’s use the link Set – Skills/Competition.

When registering please ensure that you check all your personal details, contact details and email address are correct. Ensure that you correct any errors thus ensuring that your details are recorded correctly within the Netball NSW data base.

If you have played netball within NSW you will be registered within the My Netball and the Netball NSW portal. If you have never played netball in NSW you will be noted as a New Players to Netball NSW and you will be required to use the “First Time Participant” section and follow the steps from there.

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